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About Us

Magic Ananda has been conceived as an independent artistic project where a visionary art form is expressed through a virtual art gallery based on ceramics and where the platform is used to develop and build extensive experiences of artistic design.
The very first steps in the history of this project were taken in 2001, starting with a long process of learning and experimentation of technical methods. After a few years of practice and design, this process led the artist to the discovery of her own artistic style. It founded thus the fundament of this project. Then after some time dedicated to exploration and creativity, came the time to expand the project in order to open to the world these collections of innovative artwork which shine with inherent beauty and functionality.
Our ceramics are handmade. They preserve all the knowledge concentrated in two generations of women who practiced this art. Magic Ananda is a form to eternize an old-time tradition which has co-habited with us as long as the history of this planet unveils. The essence of ceramics constitutes an elementary dynamics linking earth, water, air and fire. Its place among mankind determines this strong link which bounds us to our roots. That’s why we long to preserve this art and the symbolisms shown through its forms.
Our ceramics are modern pieces of art, decorative and useful at the same time. They have been designed to illuminate the surrounding space with their unique style, in several respects of harmony and symmetry. We produce artworks intended to activate vital energies and make them vibrate in different frequencies with brightness and glow of colourful contrasting decorations. The motives are symbolic compositions developed within essential proportions of sacred geometry. They guard inside a conceptual background which expresses multifaceted nuances of Universal enigmas. The Magic Ananda ceramics are alive through a transformation process and they become symbols which illuminate the life with the brightness and beauty of the creation.


    Magic Ananda forms and designs use the universe as a source of inspiration and energy of life which reveals itself in nature, as well as in visions and wisdom inherited from ancient times. Our creative artworks constitute a transfiguration of these age-old symbols in an expression of contemporary art which fuse together a vast spectrum of inspiration sources melted within an essence of universal enigmas. The human understanding of the origin of the universe and the existence of life will be infinite, but at the same time it will be illusory. And it’s where the visionary art imposes its trace in a shared subconscious and exposes puzzling nuances.


    Create unique works of art, handcrafted and artisanal, on high levels and standards of quality. These artworks are meant to be models of perfection, finesse, extreme delicacy in details and subtlety. They are intended to be creative works which vibrate in harmony and beauty and are predestined to fascinate the connoisseurs of art.


    We define our position as an independent project of visionary art on a high-ranking technical, aesthetic and conceptual levels. Our artistic project is renowned by its exclusivity, perfectionism and unique style, captured and caught in any and every of our creations.

Magic Ananda Values

Magic Ananda values reflect the signature of quality and represent unbeatable exclusive products of Magic Ananda. They express the essence of our philosophy of creation and they define conceptual basis which lead our activities concerning this independent artistic project.

    Handcrafted Artisanal Production

    Magic Ananda reveals itself as an artistic project committed to save and preserve artisanal techniques where the manual work acquire an added value originated in complexity and experience which deserve the merit.
    All of our artworks are produced and fabricated with the same dedication, fulfillment and professionalism. This stands for the smallest pieces of art to the most complicated. Each design has been elaborated with an intention to lead the art to the top of the esthetical vision and accomplishment. Thus our creative works are meant to be once in a life-time and unique.


    Refinement is an essential quality of the Universe, of nature and of life. This sole and unique quality of existence is what inspires our art. Refinement or perfection at a technical, esthetical and conceptual levels in every artwork is constantly assuring steady development and artistic innovation.

    Client Service

    For Magic Ananda, is of vital importance the feeling of happiness of the people who acquire our artworks. That’s why we provide personalized services in order to satisfy efficiently all the needs and tastes of our clients. Responsibility and a serious approach are the fundamental values we base our performance on to bring a spotless service.


    The highest level of performance allows us to excel in our products. That’s why we use thoroughly elaborated techniques and the best materials to reach the highest standards of quality and the finest results. Our technical and creative experience allows us to provide to our clients all the necessary information in order to develop functional long-lasting designs that adapt perfectly to your demands.

    Experiments and Innovations

    Magic Ananda can be defined as an experimental project which has developed its own techniques and thus achieved this unique exclusiveness. The process of constant development and learning gives us space to open new horizons, to innovate using creative suggestions implanted to inspire and dazzle the connoisseurs of art.


    Our challenges are the energy which nourishes our artistic creativity, the form in which are shaped our fulfilling experiences of new horizons and the expansion of our creative capacities. The ever-changing variety presented in our collections and in the artworks of personalized design we offer to our clients are an eternal challenge that stipulates our way of self-transformation and self-evolution.

    Fair Trade

    The Magic Ananda project and its commercial practice are being developed in exclusive harmony with international principles of fair trade. We deny and repudiate any practice of exploitation and undervaluation of work.

    Social Input

    Our projects commitment is with the principles of thankfulness and retribution. A percentage of our revenue is invested in supplies and equipment to our design studio can serve to more people interested in the manufacture of ceramics and thus the tradition of artisanal work in clay is preserved.

Participacions / Exhibitions

    Museums and cultural institutions

    • Group Exhibition, Museo Histórico Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia, Costa Rica, 2010
    • Ceramics National Open, Casa del Cuño, Costa Rica, 2011
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       Link 2
    • Group Exhibition «Animalistica», Centro de Conservación del Patrimonio Nacional, Costa Rica, 2012
       Link 1


    • Envision Festival, 2015. Group exhibition at the art gallery and stand in the handicraft market, Costa Rica.
       Official website
    • Organika Festival, 2015. Group exhibition at the art gallery, Costa Rica.
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       Facebook Event Page

Our creative team

    Melissa G. Matamoros

    Ceramic artist, creative designer, psychologist.
    Ceramic experience since 2001.
    Freelance artist since 2005.
    Creator and Director of Magic Ananda from 2014.

    Carmen Gomez

    Ceramic Master and technical collaborator.

    Misha Bukshpan

    Executive Director.
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