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The artist and the art are inseparable

Magic Ananda is an independent project dedicated to the ceramic art. Our creations are the perfect fusion between the functionality of the ceramics, the esthetic beauty of the ornamentation and the symbolical content expressed in every artwork.
The ceramic designs are inspired in the perfection of nature and in the mystical wisdom inherited from antiquity; they are a transfiguration of ancestral legacies into an expression of contemporary art which fuse together a vast spectrum of inspiration sources melted within an essence of universal enigmas.
The essence of ceramics constitutes an elementary dynamics linking earth, water, air and fire. Its place among mankind determines this strong link which binds us to the divine origin of life. Our art vision is to awake the ancient archetypes and eternize a ceramic tradition which has co-habited with us as long as the history of this planet unveils.

The Artist

From a very early age Mel Ananda has a fascination for art, colors and painting. At 17 years old she discovers a ceramic studio and with guidance of her master learns the process of creation and the techniques. Working at the studio was for her an opportunity to develop her natural talent and experiment different applications of clay and enamels.
After few years she beginning to creates her own style and techniques. The passion for ceramics empowered and after finish a university degree in psychology she decides to dedicate fully to the art creation. Looking to get close to her main source of inspiration, the exotic and colorful tropical nature of Costa Rica, she move to live in the pacific coast of Costa Rica where now is located her ceramic studio.
During the time she participates in variety of national art exhibitions and has ventured at the international market position her ceramics worldwide. Now she continues growing with her artistic career; working and innovates with her unique style.



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