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Service Policy

Hereby we inform you about our service policy which directs our commercial practice in order to provide an excellent service and guarantee the complete satisfaction of our clients. If you make a payment of your command, it means that you agree with our policies.
We hereby assure our clients that any information they provide to Magic Ananda will be used exclusively and solely by Magic Ananda. Under any circumstance we will transfer or provide this data to a third party.


    Where It Is Possible to Admire Magic Ananda Ceramics

    Where It Is Possible to Admire Magic Ananda Ceramics. Google Map Direction, by appointment. We kindly ask you to contact us.
    During the festivals and other events which will be announced through Facebook.
    In a few art galleries, boutiques and shops which act as exclusive representative. At this moment we do not have any commercial representative. If you are interested to become a part of our project, please feel free to contact us.

    How to purchase ceramics in virtual gallery

    If you want to purchase the ceramics exhibited in our virtual gallery, just press «Buy» button located in the lower section of each photograph. This button will redirect you to an application form where you should introduce your personal data so we can make a shipment.
    We’ll confirm your request by e-mail. The confirmation will contain the description of the item accompanied by the detailed photos. We’ll notify you about the total amount to pay. This notification will include the total value of the artwork and the cost of shipment. We’ll let you know as well about the methods of payment and inform you about the approximate time of delivery which will depend on the postal company.
    It is of importance that you check all the data before you proceed to the payment; in first place, the address to which the order will be sent.
    As soon as the payment has been made, we’ll proceed to the shipment of your order in the delays of 2-5 days, but always trying to do it as soon as possible.

    Instalment Payment

    In order to make easier the purchase of our ceramics in virtual gallery we offer an instalment payment system giving our clients an opportunity to pay the total amount within a period of one month for all items whose value is equal or higher than $200US. In this case the initial payment is of 50% and the rest will be paid one month later. If the artwork is not paid totally on the date fixed by agreement, it will be re-exhibited to the general public after one month of delay.

    Ordering Artworks of Exclusive Design

    The artworks of exclusive design are personalized, unique and one-of-a-kind creations which are executed both in ceramics and in different plastic techniques used by Magic Ananda.
    We advise you to order your own exclusive design ahead of time. We can guarantee the execution in two months, and you should add delivery time for the parcel to arrive. Nevertheless, if you need the work to be done fast, you can contact us. We’ll see if we can respond positively to your demand and include your order in our plans.
    The first step to calculate artworks of exclusive design is to contact us and talk about your idea. You’ll provide us with information needed to fulfill your desire and define the payment method of your choice.
    You can pay the total amount of your exclusive artwork in the beginning of the production or purchase the order on instalment payments in two months. You also can define the budget you can allow to invest. In this case we’ll make you an offer based on this budget.


    The quote services cost $50US. You must pay this amount at the moment of making an order, after that we’ll quote our price and present sketches of your future artwork.
    The quote is valid for two months, it includes the personal data of the client, the description of the artwork, its price, the price of shipping and the total amount to pay.
    When you order our services, the amount of the quote will be deducted from the final price of your order. The quote is not reimbursed if you fail to order the quoted item.
    We include the order in our schedule after you make the first payment. By this payment you confirm that you agree to proceed with the order, you agree with the method of payment defined in the quote and that you agree with our service policy.
    If you want to modify some points of the artwork we offered in the quote, we ask you not to make any payment, but to notify us about the changes and explain them to us in detail. Sometimes, these changes and modifications concerning the artwork ordered could impose changes in our prices.
    As soon as you make the first payment, we’ll e-mail you the confirmation. Your order will thus be added to our schedule and executed as soon as possible.
    Magic Ananda will use for the artwork of personalized design, the materials of its choice, but always choosing those of the best quality which assure an excellent result, will look perfectly and can be conserved for many years. If you want to use other particular materials, we kindly ask you to include this information when you place your quote.



    We offer professional packaging that guarantee easy transportation and to anywhere for the delivery of our artworks. It is extremely important to open the parcel very carefully. Magic Ananda uses eco-friendly materials for the packaging.

    Domestic and International Shipments

    We carry out both domestic and international shipments. The price of the shipment is added to the price of the artwork. It is comprised and specified in the total amount of the bill.
    All the items will be delivered in perfect state into the hands of the receiver. If any damage is caused during the transportation, Magic Ananda will take responsibility and initiate the process of claim. Magic Ananda guarantees that the clients receive their order in appropriate state. Nevertheless, this unfortunate situation will cause the inevitable delays, as we’ll have to re-create the damaged artwork. That’s why we ask our clients to contact us immediately and send us photographs of the damaged item.
    We’ll send the parcel in 2-5 days after the client has totally paid the amount due to Magic Ananda. We’ll inform you about the approximate time of delivery but the exact time will depend on the postal company.
    The planning and execution of shipment within national territory is managed in personalized form. It depends on the delivery address and can be executed through a private postal service or by parcels sent and paid on delivery. These shipments may take up to one week.
    As to international shipment, we prefer UPS service. However, the client can opt for another company he or she prefers, under the condition that it operates in Costa Rica. We’ll indicate the estimated time of delivery based on the information provided by the postal service.


    Methods of payment

    To obtain detailed information about methods of payment we accept, we kindly ask you to communicate with us, as well as review the service policy formulated on this site.
  1. Cash
  2. For U.S. Bank account holders: ACH transfer to U.S. bank account;
  3. For Canadian Bank account holders: payment by Debit Card via Interac;
  4. By PayPal or credit card (additional fee of 5% apply);
  5. By direct bank deposit in the Banco de Costa Rica;


    All the prices indicated in the virtual gallery are in US dollars. As to the national market, we prefer Costa Rican colones.


    To make easier the purchase of our artworks of exclusive design and for our commercial partners we offer a two-month system of financing. Its terms include an initial payment of 50 per cent (50%) of the total amount to pay and the calculation of the rest (50%) two months after the moment your item has been created and is ready to be shipped.
    Delivery dates are indicated in the quote and are programmed according to the date when the project starts. The accomplished orders are delivered after the total amount indicated in the quote has been paid.
    We commit ourselves to get ready on the date fixed for the date of final payment of each order, but the date of delivery doesn’t include the time of shipment to the address of delivery, because this depends on the postal company.
    The clients commit themselves to guarantee all the payments with the dates fixed for that matter. In the case of the delay of three days, we’ll send a reminder to the client. After seven more days of delay a monthly 10% surcharge on the amount due will be applied. This surcharge will be added to the final amount.
    If the item has not been totally paid after two months since the date of delivery established in the quote, it will be made available to the public. No reimbursement of the partial sums will be executed.
    The client can always repay the amount due. The monthly surcharge, calculated since the day of the latest payment, will be added to the final sum. The amount of $50 US corresponding to the service of quote will be added as well, as the benefit of discount is not applicable in this case.


    Pursuing the goal to avoid any inconveniences for our clients as well as for our enterprise, we follow the strict policy to accept the payment only after you have expressed your full agreement, you are fully satisfied with the products we offer and with our service policies. That’s why we do not make any refunds.



    All the artistic creations designed and produced by hand by the artist Melissa G. Matamoros using her own techniques, style and original design, have the original signature of Magic Ananda engraved on them.


    The ceramics Magic Ananda are highly resistant and practical. They can be conserved for a very long time in perfect condition and stay always sharp in their initial state when they are treated adequately and with care.

    Use and Care

    The ceramics Magic Ananda are produced with thick and resistant clay. However we recommend the items and their parts be handled with care, be guarded on a stable surface. We also ask to avoid bumps or drops, as their effect could cause damages to their appearance and endings.
    All the items are safe to be used in daily life, as they can sustain high temperatures and do not emit any harmful or toxic substance. That means that they also can serve as recipients for food and beverages or as gadgets used to smoke. No risk related to your health exists using these items.
    You can wash these ceramics easily by hand with cold water and dishwashing soap. We do not recommend washing them in dishwashers.
    The artworks destined to be used as smoking gadgets should be cleaned regularly. To this effect, you should submerge them in alcohol for some time and then wash them with water and dishwashing soap.

    Maintenance and Repair

    The ceramic items have one year of free service in maintenance and repair. However, the process is subject to diagnosis of the piece of artwork. The price of the shipment is paid by the client. The terms of delivery depend on the availability and schedule of the artist.


    To submit a claim of disagreement with our services we kindly ask you to contact us. We’ll spare no effort to solve the issue according to our service policy.


    Privileged Clients

    Magic Ananda will give you a privileged treatment when you reach $2.000US in purchased ceramics. That treatment means that you will enjoy discounts of 5% on any of your future purchases, as well as other benefits.

    Commercial clients

    Conceived as an artistic project of handmade artworks, Magic Ananda is oriented in quality, not in quantity of its production. That’s why our market is restricted and we exhibit our creations in carefully chosen boutiques and galleries which represent our mark in a few locations on both national and international levels.
    If you’d like to become one of our commercial clients, we kindly ask you to contact us. We’d like to become acquainted and talk about the possible forms of joining our efforts and establish a relation of fair commerce.
    As a new and emerging project, we are looking for new clients in order to establish solid long-term relationships. To achieve this goal we supply samples of our artwork that our partners could chose and acquire on consignment for a period of three months.
    The consignment terms are as follows: the items are conceded in consignment for a total value equal or higher than $300US based on commercial price. The items are given for a probationary period of three months during which the commercial client commits to pay immediately to Magic Ananda the total value of the pieces sold.
    As long as the period of consignment lasts, the exclusive responsibility for the ceramics falls on the commercial client. This means that the client must pay to Magic Ananda the total value of the items in case any eventuality prevents the client to give the ceramics back to Magic Ananda in ideal conditions.
    In a particular case, if the artist needs some or all of the pieces of artwork in consignment, she can request without any restriction the return of the items, two working days in advance. The artist will take the items personally on business premises of the partner when the shop is open to the public.
    As soon as the probationary period is over, the commercial partner can repay the value of the items in consignment or return the pieces considering that they have no sufficient popularity among the public.
    As soon as the commercial client has observed that our ceramics are being requested by the buyers, and thus the commercial client is willing to consolidate the commercial relationship with Magic Ananda, he/she can continue to acquire the items of his/her interest. The commercial client will thus request the artworks which are best suited to the buyers and which can be sold with a substantial margin of profit.
    Since our relationship has been consolidated, the commercial client will be able to use our financing system based on two months term for orders equal to or higher than $1.500US.

    Virtual Galleries

    All the commercial relations with virtual galleries are managed by the respective companies and accordingly to their terms and conditions.
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