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Service Policy

Hereby we inform you about our service policy which directs our commercial practice in order to provide an excellent service and guarantee the complete satisfaction of our clients. If you make a payment of your command, it means that you agree with our policies.
We assure our clients that any information they provide to Magic Ananda will be used exclusively and solely by Magic Ananda. Under any circumstance we will transfer or provide this data to a third party.


Online Purchases

If you want to purchase the ceramics exhibited in our virtual gallery just press «Buy Now» button and you will be redirect you to an application form where you should introduce your contact information.
We’ll send you an invoice with all information you need to complete your purchase. The shipping costs will be added to the invoice. The cost of the delivery varies according to the post service of your preference, shipping weight and destination to which the order will be sent.
It is of importance that you verify all information before you proceed to the payment. If you have questions don’t hesitate in to contact us.
As soon as the payment has been made, we’ll proceed to the shipment of your order in the next three business days.

Exclusive Design Service

The exclusive design pieces are elaborated by commission for those who wish to express a special symbolism in ceramic. We can make thematic personalization with designs inspired by your ideas, highlighting your style and favorite colors as well as the particular details you want.
These artworks are ideal to commemorate all kinds of celebrations and are also perfect to surprise someone special with a unique gift. In addition, you can create your own collections and expand them by adding the pieces you want.
To order an Exclusive Design please fill the form with your information and if you wish also to short description of your idea. As soon as possible we will contact you to speak personally about the project and make a proposal for you.
We recommend ordering exclusive design services in advance. Your order can take from 45 to 90 days depending on the size and complexity of the art as well as the availability of space in the oven. You must add the time that the shipment takes depending on the destination and the postal service you choose, that is, from 5 to 15 days approximately.
The prices depend on the complexity of the artwork and the materials used. If you have a budget in mind let us know to make a design that fits it. Before proceeds your order, we will send you the postal services information to you can choose the one is suits you better. The cost of delivery depends on destination and the company you have chosen, which is detailed in your order and included in the total amount to be paid.
Once we are in agreement we send an invoice to your email; that include the description of the design, the total value of your order, the second payment date and the delivery date. Please verify all the information. We will process your order after we receive the first payment for 50% of the value. To complete the shipment of your order, cancellation of the total amount is required.
By proceeding with your payment it is understood that you are satisfied with your order and that you accept our service policies. If you wish to modify some of the artwork, please contact us before making the payment. The variations to the design could imply changes in their price. We offer other payment terms for orders over $2.000. These will depend on the magnitude of your order and the time it takes to prepare it.
When your order is ready it will be sent to the address indicated and you will receive by email the tracking number of your package, the instructions to open it and the recommendations of use and care for your ceramic.


Magic Ananda invites you to enjoy our membership and the exclusive benefits, discounts and promotions we offer for our best clients.
With your orders you support the development of our art proposals well as the conservation of the national ceramic art legacy that we promote through our project. We destined the profits of the membership program to the creation of a new ceramic studio and as recognition of your contribution we will send you collectible miniature ceramic with all your orders.
Get your lifetime membership for $500 in purchases at the online gallery as well as ordering an exclusive design made it especially for you. The shipping costs will be added to the invoice and include handling, freight and insurance.
Enjoy the magic of ceramics and become a founder member of Magic Ananda Ceramic Studio.

Membership Benefits

  • • 10% off in all your orders
  • • Access to the art auctions
  • • Priority for exclusive design orders
  • • Novelty of new ceramic collections
  • • Special promotions and offers for holydays
  • • A collectible miniature ceramic free with your order
  • • Discount cards to share with your family and friends

Ceramic Studio

You can visit our ceramic studio located in the beautiful Pacific coast of Costa Rica, in Bahía Ballena, we will gladly to receive you; preferably by appointment.
At the studio you can delight with a live look of our ceramics and purchase your favorites pieces. Also you can meet the artist; learn about the creation process of ceramic and have a close view of the project.
You are welcome to enjoy an experience that will stimulate all your senses.
Contact usGoogle Map Direction


For Magic Ananda it is a pleasure to participate in art exhibitions. If you wish to obtain information for events please contact us and we will gladly assist you.


The cost of the workshops is $40 per person and lasts three hours. The cost of the materials is charged on the other hand, depends on a project that is carried out and includes: the piece in ready to be decorated, the enamels, the two firings in the kiln and the glaze.
If you want more information please contact us and we will gladly assist you.



We offer professional packaging that guarantee easy transportation and to anywhere for the delivery of our artworks. It is extremely important to open the parcel very carefully. To minimize the environmental impact Magic Ananda uses reuse packaging materials.


We carry national and international deliveries with professional packaging that guarantee safe transportation worldwide. It is extremely important to open the parcel very carefully and read the use and care instructions included in the shipping invoice you will receive.
The price indicated in the items does not include shipping costs, which will be added to the invoice. The cost of the service varies according to the post service, shipping weight and destination.
We use Costa Rica postal service. Estimated delivery time for USA is from 10 to 15 business days, for Canada and Europe is from 15 to 20 business days. Please note, delivery times are based on our experience and may differ slightly from the specified data.
Also, you can opt for other companies that operate in Costa Rica as DHL or Fedex; they have faster delivery times but with highest prices.
All packages are sending with tracking number; we will provide link to tracking history after package is arrived in the destination country.


Before proceeds your order, we will send you the postal services information to you can choose the one is suits you better. The cost of delivery depends on destination and the company you have chosen, which is detailed in your order and included in the total amount to be paid.

Open The Parcel

It is extremely important to open the parcel very carefully and preferably on a smooth and wide surface such as a bed or carpet. Remove one by one the paper and plastic packaging until you reach the ceramic. If your package contains multiple pieces then open each bag on the same way.


Methods of payment

To obtain detailed information about methods of payment we accept, we kindly ask you to communicate with us. All the prices indicated in the virtual gallery are in US dollars. For shopping in Costa Rica we also accept colones. To calculate the amounts we use the exchange rate of the day.


Pursuing the goal to avoid any inconveniences for our clients as well as for our enterprise, we follow the strict policy to accept the payment only after you have expressed your full agreement, you are fully satisfied with the products we offer and with our service policies. That’s why we do not make refunds.


To submit a claim of disagreement with our services we kindly ask you to contact us. We’ll spare no effort to solve the issue according to our service policy.



All the artistic creations designed and produced by hand by the artist Melissa G. Matamoros using her own techniques, style and original design, have the original signature of Magic Ananda engraved on them.


Thanks to its fineness our ceramics are used mostly as decoration but in fact they are completely utilitarian and safe for food so you can used as you prefer; for special occasions as well as all the time.
Magic Ananda ceramics are made according to a precise process which allows us to create high quality pieces that can be conserved for a very long time in perfect condition and stay always sharp when they are treated adequately.
To preserve the beauty of the ceramics it is important clean and care the pieces practicing few easy steps; use warm water and a gentle dish soap diluted with water, avoid extreme temperature changes that can damage the glaze surface and handle with care when displaying, storing transporting and cleaning to avoiding cracks.
Is possible to use these ceramics in the oven, microwave, dishwasher or refrigerator but we do not recommend it.

Maintenance and Repair

The ceramic items have one year of free service in maintenance and repair. However, the process is subject to diagnosis of the piece of artwork. The price of the shipment is paid by the client. The terms of delivery depend on the availability and schedule of the artist.
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