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Ceramics Production

Magic Ananda ceramics are decorative and useful modern pieces of art. The designs are symbolic compositions developed within essential proportions of sacred geometry and they have been designed to illuminate the surrounding space.
All of our artworks are produced and manufactured with the same dedication, fulfillment and professionalism. Each design has been elaborated with an intention to lead the art to the top of the esthetical vision and accomplishment. Thus our creative works are meant to be once in a life time and unique.
We offer a varied range of tendencies set in thematic collections, creative lines and artistic styles. The new collections are issued periodically.


• Art & Sculpture
• Home & Garden
• Exclusive Design


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• Innovative ceramic designs
• Personalized customer service
• High standards of quality

Design Lines

Magic Ananda production is organized in four lines of design according to the style and complexity of the elaborated art.

Ananda Creations

Original designs by the artist vision.

Magic Art

Minimalist ceramic design.

Exclusive Design

Customized ceramics by commission.

Gold Ceramics

A selection of the most fine and beautiful artworks we create. Available by online auctions that you join with your membership.

Use & Care

Thanks to its fineness our ceramics are used mostly as decoration but in fact they are completely utilitarian and safe for food so you can used as you prefer; for special occasions as well as all the time.
Magic Ananda ceramics are made according to a precise process which allows us to create high quality pieces that can be conserved for a very long time in perfect condition and stay always sharp when they are treated adequately.
To preserve the beauty of the ceramics it is important clean and care the pieces practicing few easy steps; use warm water and a gentle dish soap diluted with water, avoid extreme temperature changes that can damage the glaze surface and handle with care when displaying, storing transporting and cleaning to avoiding cracks.
Is possible to use these ceramics in the oven, microwave, dishwasher or refrigerator but we do not recommend it.

Ceramic Pieces

Ceramic Art

Sculptures • Decorative Plates

Home & Décor

Cups • Tea Pots • Serving Dishes • Kitchen Accessories • Bathroom Accessories • Jewelry Boxes & Chest • Jars & Amphora’s

Exclusive Design

Wall Clock • Tea Sets • Dinner Table Sets • Serving Dishes Sets • Dessert Serving Sets • Liquor Drinking Sets • Kitchen Accessories Sets • Bathroom Accessories Sets • Commemorative Artworks • Nativity Scene • Urns

Gold Ceramics

A selection of the most fine and beautiful artworks we create. Available by online auctions that you join with your membership.
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