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The artistic creations produced by Magic Ananda are characterized by a distinctive and exclusive artistic style. It reflects the perfect fusion between the utilitarian functionality of the ceramics, the esthetic beauty of the decor and ornamentation and the symbolical content shaped and expressed in every piece. We offer a varied range of tendencies in clay set in thematic collections, creative lines and artistic styles i accordance with the distinctive features of each creation.

Creative Lines

We develop our ceramics in accordance with there basic lines of design. These directions can be classified according to the type and complexity of artworks thus created:

    Magic Creations Line

    These pieces have been designed for exhibits. As such, they constitute a selection of the most fine Magic Ananda ceramic pieces. They have reached the climax of the artistic perfection while expressing the pure, fluid and harmonic inspiration.

    Series Ananda Line

    These artworks are manufactured in limited editions. They are produced in series defined by their emblematic character, their popularity and use. We always innovate adding different designs which underline their particular and one of a kind style.

    Exclusive Designs Line

    The versatility of the ceramics allows us to offer to our clients artworks of exclusive design and to create personalized ceramic pieces, fabricated to satisfy any imagination, tastes and needs. The artworks are made according to the ideas, colours, ornamentation and precision, ordered by the client, as well as using emblems, symbolism, messages for every special occasion.


Our plastic artworks are crafted in two general styles and a number of tendencies of ornamentation:


    These pieces are created in different combinations, contrastes, range of tones which are distinguishes by their brightness and exuberance of their designs inspired by nature.

    White and black

    These pieces are inspired the principle of ting-yang, when the balance between the light and the shade highlights the elegance of the contrasting designs.

Ceramic Pieces

All Magic Ananda ceramics are handmade according to a precise process which allows us to create pieces of high quality which will last for long time. These pieces do not expel any substances harmful to the health. They are very resistant even when they are used every day. Their surfaces can be maintained by a frequent cleaning and careful handling preventing them from being dropped and avoiding blows.
The ceramics can be used in multiple ways. There exist many creative possibilities, and we can mention just a few of them, like the following:
Classification Pieces
Tableware Dinner plates • Lunch plates • Soup plates • Napkin rings
Serving dishes Salad bowls • Pyrex kitchenware • Tureens • Creamers • Snack platters • Trays • Fruit bowls and dishes
Dessert plates Sweet bowls and plates • Serving plates • Candy bowls • Cake bowls
Drinkware (cold drinks) Water and juice jugs • Glasses • Mugs • Supports for glasses
Drinkware Tee/ Coffee Coffee pots • Kettles • Coffee and Tee jugs • Serving dishes • Sugar bowls • Cups
Liqueur Service Bottles • Wineglasses • Cups • Shots • Beer jugs • Punch bowls
Kitchenware Containers for food storage • Saucepans • Casseroles • Pastry • Tee boxes • Food insulators • Spoon trays • Spice racks • Mortars • Butter bowls
Bathroom Sinks and washbasins • Decorative tiles • Hungers and supports • Soap dishes • Toothbrush holders • Glasses
Mosaics Tiles • Slabs • Seals • Labels • Signs • Mirrors
Ornamentation and décor Sculptures • Decorative vases • Flower vases • Pots • Wall decorations • Vessels for embellishment • Plant pots • Chandeliers • Incense-burners • Jewel cases • Treasure chests • Masks • Collecting boxes
Souvenirs Fridge magnets • Jugs • Treasure boxes • Dishes • Platos • Sculptures • Tiles • Glass holder
Costume jewelry Charms • Bracelets • Earrings • Hair clips • Pins
Games Tac-toe • Mankala • Chess
Souvenirs for every occasion Decorations for cakes • Photo frames • Magnets • Adornments • Pendants • Other items for any occasion
Artwork for children Tableware for children • Toy mobile phone • Hand impressions
X-mas Decoration X-mas bells • Pendants and decorations • Angels • Cribs and Navity scenes


Some of the essential specifications and features of our ceramic artworks are presented below:
All the pieces are exclusively hand manufactured
All the designs are exclusive creations by Magic Ananda
Proportions of sacred geometry which attract frequencies and energetic vibrations from the Universe
The artworks possess a conceptual and symbolic content which depicts the story of each artwork created
The ceramics amalgamate the practical aspect and the decorative art
Our ceramics are safe; they are 100 per cent free of the substances harmful to the health
The pieces are resistant and can be used every day if handled with care
They are easy to clean; their glazed surfaces maintain their perfect look for very long time
Each collection can be extended and new pieces can be added
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